Services Provided

Psychological Services

We all experience times in our lives when we find ourselves struggling with our issues as individuals, spouses, parents, employees, students, and members of extended family – at home, in social situations, or at work. READ MORE

Divorce-Related Services

Unfortunately, divorce touches many families. When families are dealing with separation and divorce, both the parents and the children may experience sadness, anger, confusion, and distress. Parents may seek guidance to help them support their children through the inevitable transitions and changes in the family. Parents may also need help in establishing effective and collaborative co-parenting relationships. READ MORE

Educational Services

If your child is struggling in school or anxious about going to school or if you would just like to understand your child’s learning profile, a psychoeducational evaluation might be helpful to enable you, teachers, and your child to understand his or her learning profile in order to develop realistic expectations. READ MORE